Membership Cost *

What is the cost and how is it paid?


An individual membership costs $95 per year! That works out to be only $7.92 a

month! It is the policy of the Chamber to establish the cost of membership. Multiple

memberships may also be obtained. Larger firms very often have more than one membership.


How is a Chamber Membership Payable?


Dues are paid annually, in advance, and run continuously from year to year.

This saves time, money and effort to bill once a year. Our dues are from Oct. 1, to

Sept. 30. We accept new members anytime and therefore will prorate dues.

Must a check accompany the membership application blank?


Yes, payment is a part of the application for membership. Following receipt of

your check, the prospective member is voted upon by the Board of Directors at the next scheduled meeting.


Are Chamber dues deductible from Federal Income Tax?


Yes, the are recognized by the Federal Bureau of Internal Revenue as a necessary item of business expense and can be deducted as such. They are not a

donation and consequently cannot be deducted as a charitable contribution.

Every citizen owes some of their time and money to their community in which they live or make a living. Your Chamber of Commerce membership card identifies you as a civic-minded citizen that believes in the future of our community and is willing to assume a fair share of the cost of assuring its success.


" What a man does for himself dies with him, what a man does for his community lives forever!"

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